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Family Friendly Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Something for everyone

Find family friendly restaurants in Chiang Mai with places to eat and play and more!

There is something for everyone in your family whether they be vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, gluten free, smoothie lovers, and everything in between.  Your family will have no troubles satisfying individual needs; not when so many of the world’s cuisines are so conveniently at your doorstep!  Alongside all the incredible Thai food you can enjoy, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, British, Burmese, Mexican, French, German, Indian, Iranian, Mediterranean, Italian … the list goes on!

Chiang Mai is a family foodie haven!



Fill those tummies at these great restaurants for kids in Chiang Mai

Restaurant with indoor playground chiang mai

Top Places With Indoor Play Areas in Chiang Mai

Perfect for a hot day, a rainy day, or a smoky day, these restaurants with indoor playgrounds will allow your kids to get out of the house and play!

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Family Friendly Restaurants With High Chairs

You need a break! Find restaurants with high chairs so the kids (mostly) stay in one place

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Find places to eat with high chairs Chiang Mai
Outdoor playground Chiang Mai

Top Family Friendly Restaurants With Outdoor Play Areas

There are plenty of options for your family to eat and play in Chiang Mai. Check out all of these restaurants with playgrounds!

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Best Cafes in Chiang Mai For Kids

Chiang Mai is full of beautiful cafes. Get out and enjoy at these amazing cafes that are perfect and fun for kids of all ages.

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Playground Chiang Mai
Top bunny cafes Chiang Mai

Best Bunny Cafes in Chiang Mai

The trend of having bunnies at cafes was really hot a few years ago. There are still a few cafes where the kids can meet cute bunnies, grab a snack or a old drink.

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