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Family Friendly Attractions in Chiang Mai

Find the perfect family friendly attractions in Chiang Mai for the kids, teenagers and adults!

With the city being such a family friendly destination, there are so many attractions for families and kids in Chiang Mai! So where do you start!? Chiang Mai Family Guide has activities specific to families, along with other popular choices for kids of all ages – yes, even you moms and dads! All of our suggestions are easily accessible. Check out how to get around Chiang Mai for more info!  


touching elephant poo

Family Friendly Tours Around Chiang Mai

What are the best tours in Chiang Mai? Which tours and activities are good for kids in Chiang Mai? Which tours are perfect for teenagers in Chiang Mai? Well, it turns out there are wonderful activities and local experiences for everyone in your family.

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The Best Water Parks in Chiang Mai

Cool off at these really fun water parks. Some are big, some are small, some have water sports, and they’re all lots of fun!

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Kids water park Chiang Mai
AstroPark and planetarium Chiang Mai

AstroPark in Chiang Mai

This is a MUST see in Chiang Mai! Once you see what the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) AstroPark in Chiang Mai has to offer, you’ll find it surprising to find out that it’s completely FREE to enter for everyone! That’s right – everyone!

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Explore the Ancient City of Chiang Mai

Explore the original capital city of Chiang Mai. Wiang Kum Kham is located just south of the Chiang Mai moat and is composed of at least 26 temple ruins and chedis. Wiang Kum Kham was an ancient Lanna capital city.

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Wiang Kum Kham historic city Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai on a budget

Budget Friendly Attractions in Chiang Mai

Here are the TOP budget friendly activities for families in Chiang Mai. You heard it here first! Have some family fun on a budget!

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Top Things to Do in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai

There’s lots to do with kids in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai! Here is a growing list of great places to visit with kids in Hang Dong

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Hang Dong Map
Learn about elephant conservation Chiang Mai

Free Attractions in Chiang Mai

What’s better than FREE?! We know life gets expensive. Let us help you stretch that family budget just a bit farther! Here are some free things to do that are perfect for everyone in the family.

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Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

Have a great time at this indoor 3D art illusion installation. Sometimes called a Trick Eye Museum, Art in Paradise hosts optical illusion art. There are locations in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai.

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Art in Paradise Chiang Mai
White Pagoda Chiang Mai

Family Friendly Temples in Chiang Mai

Which wat or temple will you choose to explore with the kids?! What’s a wat? Well, a ‘wat’ is the Thai name for temple. Did you know there are over 300 temples in Chiang Mai?! Which wat will you choose to visit?

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Bowling Chiang Mai

Bowling! It’s so much fun and you can enjoy bowling right here in Chiang Mai
Located inside the ancient yet lovable mall, Kad Suan Kaew (now Central Outlet Mall), Bully Bowl is holding on as the last bowling alley in Chiang Mai.

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Bowling Chiang Mai
Minigolf Chiang Mai

Play Mini-Golf in Chiang Mai

Who doesn’t love a round of minigolf? It’s a perfect sport for the entire family to do together. Currently, Chiang Mai has two miniature golf courses. Both are 18 holes and located outside of the city.

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Best Places to Ride Bicycles in Chiang Mai

Looking for where to ride a bike with kids in Chiang Mai?! These are the best places to learn to ride a bicycle in Chiang Mai or to go cycling with kids, teenagers and the whole family too!

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Best place to ride bicycles in Chiang Mai
Dutch Farm Chiang Mai

Visit a Farm or Petting Zoo in Chiang Mai

Head out to a local farm or petting zoo in Chiang Mai with the kids! Petting zoos can be a great way to introduce your little ones to animals way larger than them in a friendly way. At most of these farms you can feed the animals, pet them, or just enjoy them in a lovely farm setting.

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Ride Horses in Chiang Mai

Find horse riding schools, riding classes, equestrian clubs, and horse trail riding in Chiang Mai! Horse ranches seem to be popping up all around the city – find out where you can get in the saddle!

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Ride horses or go trail riding in Chiang Mai
Thai family on Chiang Mai Zoo golf cart

Zoos in Chiang Mai

Get out to the zoo and meet new and familiar exotic animals. For its small size, Chiang Mai is home to a few types of zoos.

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Visit Beautiful Gardens in Chiang Mai

Explore Chiang Mai’s natural beauty with the family and see the wonders of tropical climates. The gardens in and around the city are absolutely stunning! Some are some very kid friendly gardens in Chiang Mai where you can bring bicycles or scooters to ride around.

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Cactus Queen Sirikit Garden Ciang Mai
Dinosaur park Chiang Mai

See Dinosaurs in Chiang Mai

T-rex, triceratops, raptors, oh my! Meet dinosaurs in Chiang Mai! Are your kids obsessed with dinosaurs? Then this is the park for you! Enter into a prehistoric world at Hidden Village Chiang Mai. 

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Watch a Movie in Chiang Mai

Your guide to movie theatres in Chiang Mai. The movie theatre is a great place to go to escape the heat in hot season, the smoke in smoky season, and the rain in rainy season! Find out how much movie tickets cost and which is the best movie threate in Chiang Mai for you and your family.

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Movie theatre seats red
50fly trampoline basketball

Top Indoor Attractions in Chiang Mai

Find the best ways to keep the kids busy when they can’t play outside. Here are a list of activities for kids to do in Chiang Mai during the rainy season and potentially in smoky season.

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Visit a Public Park in Chiang Mai

The best public parks in Chiang Mai. Sometimes you just need a day that isn’t full of running around and crazy adventures and we all know that wallet needs a break too. Make your way to one of Chiang Mai’s public parks. 

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Public park Chiang Mai

Be sure to see Chiang Mai Family Guide for more great ideas of things to do with kids in Chiang Mai.