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Who are we?

Chiang Mai Family Guide started as a way to inform family and friends about adventures in Chiang Mai. To share all the incredible places you can explore with kids and teenagers in and around Chiang Mai.

This amazing city has grown so much over the years and there are constantly new things popping up to check out. Chiang Mai Family Guide is the place to learn about these new places, restaurants, playgrounds, events, places to stay and more!

Chiang Mai truly is an incredible place to raise kids or visit with family and we want YOU to know about all the cool places and activities you can do here!

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Site Inspiration

Since having my first child, I’ve found it frustrating hunting down information. Which activities are available? Where are the best places to stay? Which hospital do I go to? I was tired of having many search tabs open and not finding what we were looking for. More importantly, there was never any child or family friendly information! So I decided to build a site where all your questions can be answered. 

Chiang Mai Family Guide aims to be your go to resource. Whether you are visitors, expats or locals, we hope you’ll find our site useful and send us feedback!

It’s Really All About You!

Another reason we created this site is to foster a community. I’m often shocked to meet families who haven’t heard of incredible places, or who don’t know how to reach out to meet other families. I want Chiang Mai Family Guide to connect families to new experiences and to each other. In the future, I hope to host events to bring the community together. 

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Find out how you can be a part of this new community experience and connect with other families. Explore our site to learn about day trips, camps, where to play, kid friendly restaurants, and so much more.

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